Client Testimonials 

Murphy loves you and loves his walks! We like how much better behaved he is because of them.  Thank you.”     Jessie and Miller

My favourite part of your service is my dog’s improved physical fitness and his overall happiness Max has
learned how to better socialize with other dogs, other animals and people.  Based on his level of excitement when you show up, I’d say he loves the service and seeing all his furry friends!”   Mike

“All the service you give is the best! Fabulous!”

“Your service is exceptional, reliable, conscientious and caring! My dog is fit, healthy and very happy”   Nicola

“Yoda is in good hands when he’s with Al. He loves going out to play with his new buddies!” Sonja

“I work unusual hours and sometimes 10-14 hours a day. So I feel good knowing I can leave for work knowing that my dogs has a few hours from the house running & socializing with his doggie friends. He’s happy as punch. Your service is reliable, friendly and I would gladly recommend your service to anyone!”  Carol

“Your service gives us piece of mind for Charlie’s well-being. And judging from his reaction when you come over, I think he loves your service! You give superb service, very reliable and friendly!”  Charlie 

“I appreciate the flexibility of your service since I switch days at work often and you can always accommodate me and you’re reliable! Laika loves your walks and she’s always so tired when I get home that she sleeps right through dinner!”    Manise

“Your attitude is the best, very friendly and professional! I like to see my dogs happy when they see you.  And thanks for cleaning up when they get really bad (dirty!)”  Cam

“My pooch is so happy! As evidence by her crashed-out state all evening after a walk with you. I also appreciate the trust I can place in you and that you are very organized and professional! Brandi

“In my times of need, you’ve always helped us out! If I could, I’d have my dog walked by you everyday!Manise

“The best part of your service is your flexibility and ability to take care of Maggi on short notice. Maggi enjoys her afternoons with you! I’m very happy with your service!  Cristin

“Speedo could probably go all day out with you, you give her what she needs! She’s happy, we’re happy, you’ve really dealt with her psychosis well!”  Shawna

A letter I received from one of my early clients Bear’s human friend’s: Tracy

Dear Al,

Leaving any child at home is traumatic for all involved. Key to the well-being of all” is a caregiver who is honest, dependable, and most of all willing to give of themselves.

The relationship you have developed with Bear has warmed our hearts and home. When we return from work, Bear is happy to see us, but many times he gives us a good “licking” greeting and goes to sleep (pooped from his walks with you, we assume).

To us you are not just a dog-walker, but a caregiver, and it shows in everything you do. It’s the little conversations you have with Bear (and Meika -’meow’), the way you carefully introduced him to the dogs in the car, toweling him off when you bring him home (a habit now for him), and the ever-ready smile that shows you enjoy the companies of our babies as much as we do.

Just as any caregiver helps to shape and mould young minds and character, you have played a guiding role in Bear’s development as well.

Thank you for not only walking Bear, but walking with him


Since founding my dog walking company in 1999, I’ve striven to provide only the best service to my customers, whether they’ve got two legs or four! I knew I had succeeded when I received this letter from Tracy, one of my very first clients.

Please give me a call or send me an email if you are interested in walks for your pal. I would be happy to let you know more about my service and provide references as well.


2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Great dog walking service that we’ve been using for years. Al is very reliable, very kind and patient with our dog. We have also boarded our dogs with him several times. Highly recommend.

    • Thanks so much Jane. We love Sydney and we’re so glad to have her in the pack. Appreciate the kind words and your review. Cheers, Al

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