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I’ve been a Dogwalker in Ottawa for over 15 years. I started back in ’99 and I’ve walked many wonderful friends of all different breeds throughout the last decade and a half.  In fact, a couple of my present clients have been walking with me for nearly half of this time. 

My walks are off-leash group walks at a dog park (complete with tons of trails and fields, too) all year-long.

During the summer months, we enjoy walking (and romping) the trails and running through the tall grass, and even swimming on those especially sweltering summer days. In the Fall my pals have fun rolling and wrestling in the freshly fallen leaves. On the cold wintry days, the group gets a great workout running in the snow. And of course in the spring, they get Spring Mania just like we do which means they have endless energy and they love playing in the new-found grass and searching for that last melting snowbank to roll in. At Happy Doggie, it’s an adventure all year long!

Please take a peek at my testimonials to see what my clients have to say, and then head on over to my About/Services page to read more about my requirements and my pick-up neighbourhoods to see if you’re in my area.

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to meeting you and your furry friend.




One thought on “Welcome to Happy Doggie!

  1. Al has been bringing Ada on daily adventures to many parks over the last 12 years. Our dog loves Al who is reliable and very flexible. He often takes care of Ada when we go away. We trust Al completely.
    Marie-Josée & Neil

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