There’s nothing more exciting to our furry pals than a romp in the park any time of day, in rain, sunshine or snow!

Here are a few benefits of hiring a Dogwalker:

Exercise: Important for your dog’s health and overall happiness. Your pooch will go on a fun-filled hour long walk in the park and because my walk is off-leash, it gives your pal a chance to run, play and get in a good workout.

Lowers stress levels: Getting out of the house while you’re at work is especially handy for younger dogs and those with high-energy. When they return home after a fun walk with their buds, they are often too exhausted to get into any trouble or stress about you not being there.

Decreases behavioral problems: plenty of exercise helps with a variety of behaviour issues. Often dogs who may get into a bit of trouble (chewing and other causes of destruction) come home pleasantly tired and will often relax or sleep until they get to see you after work.

Tires your pooch out: Similar to the benefit above, a tired happy doggie will usually be pooped out from playing and wrestling with his pals after the walk so they are happy to nap for the rest of the afternoon. 

Relieves boredom: the common cause for troubled behaviours. A walk can break up the long day and give them plenty of activity and exercise to keep their mind and body occupied.

Socializing- your pooch will get a chance to meet and play with many dogs of  various ages and breeds.  This is very important for the social canine! We’ll meet plenty of other friends while at the park.

What I provide on my Park Adventures: 

    •  Exercise and playtime during the afternoon while you’re at work.
    •   Pick up at home and a ride to-and-from the park. On rainy/snowy days, your dog will be dried off when we get home.
    •  Fresh water offered in the car and at the park during the walk. I also give treats (homemade doggie cookies) unless your dog has food allergies. 
    • Reinforcement Training that your pooch is currently undergoing with you, according to your instructions and suggestions.
    •  A highly social atmosphere for your pooch at the park. In addition to hanging out with the other pals who join me, your dog will meet and play with many other dogs we see at the park regularly.

You can be assured I offer safe, excellent care of my furry friends. I’ve been dogwalking for almost 15 years and many of my current clients have been walking with me nearly that long.

Please take a peek at my testimonials to see what my clients have to say, and then head on over to my About/Services page to read more about my requirements and my pick-up areas. 

My Rates a$19 (+tax) per walks. Walks are off-leash, group and hour-long walks. Your dog will likely be out of the house for most of the afternoon, or at least a few hours.

 Note: Unfortunately I cannot take dogs that are not used to being off-leash or don’t have good recall. For pooches who need to remain on leash, I recommend finding a pet sitter or solo-dog walker (but if you are in the centretown/glebe area please send me a note and hopefully I can help).

Thanks for visiting and I look forward to meeting you and your furry friend!

Al   613-277-9479


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